Blog Review 431


First, a little lesson in how newspapers hint at things. Not that they would admit as much, of course. A further explanation here.

Sometimes people haven't quite grasped the point or meaning of these political donation things. 

It would appear that however correct they are, not all of Bjorn Lomborg's ideas are entirely new

Some climate change news that you might have missed

An update on the "success" of the biofuels campaign in Nebraska

Fortunately, as Hans Martin Tillack has finally found out, dissing the EU is not in fact a crime. Although, sadly, there seem to be those who think it ought to be

And finally, on yesterday's great Guardian scoop about Northern Rock. Err, yes, the SIV benefits a charity, umm, as it is supposed to. If you ask HMRC nicely, they'll even send you a CD on how it works.