Blog Review 432


It would appear that the one major industrialised nation that has consistently refused to sign up to the Kyoto Protocol is also the one....where emissions fell. As far as Netsmith knows the only one.

The same country has a less enviable record on extraditions and prosecutions: perhaps we should be demanding some evidence before people are shipped off there? 

Some unintended consequences here. Subsidy of university fees would most likely increase inequality. 

HMRC seems to be conducting some customer surveys. Is this so that they can say that, despite odd discs going missing, people are largely satisfied with them? At least they're getting around to trying to hire some security experts.

The Performing Rights Society does seem to have become a tad more grasping of late

Something of a milestone: sometime yesterday there were 3.3 billion mobile phones on the planet, enough for one in two of the entire population. Not bad for a technology, what, 30 years old, if that? 

And finally, yes, a useful phrase to add to "Ugandan discussions and "tired and emotional". "Administrative error", to mean "deliberate cover up for as long as I think I can get away with it".