Blog Review 433


It's always amusing to see the wheels coming off one political cart or another. As Guido proves with a letter he's "found", British politics hasn't been this much fun since the mid-1990s.

Iain Dale's also making hay. It's things like this that make farce so enjoyable to watch: even when they try to do the right thing they still manage to break the law.

Another most enjoyable peek into the level of competence with which we are governed. If you were an advisor to DfID, and wanted to ask for some help on economic development from one of the world's leading development economists, wouldn't you check his name?

Of course, no discussion of political fatuity is complete without a discussion of the War on Drugs.

But we can't only blame the politicians: apparently 29% of Britons still trust the European Commission. 

Speaking of whom, there seems to be something of a move to a one party state there. 

And finally, a most incorrect joke.