Blog Review 434


As noted, there's a very simple solution to the angst ridden political question of who may marry whom. Simply take the question out of politics and allow any adults who wish to to marry.

Finally, a politician Netsmith likes. Pity he's in Poland though. 

Some more good news on solar power . Yes, prices really are cascading down. 

Worth stepping back occasionally and getting a sense of proportion . The entire economic output of Saudi Arabia is about the same as that of Dallas, Texas. 

Possibly the best thing yet written on Sudan and the teddy bear

Watching the news, as we go over to Our Correspondent in Khartoum, it's difficult to maintain the normal level of seriousness that one usually brings to these situations. You're waiting for someone to break the spell, to shout out, oh for fuck's sake!...this is teddy bears we're talking about! We're dealing with idiots! But the standard requirement that we must treat these subjects with due solemnity and respect means that, as yet another clown explains why a punishment of 15 days in jail is nowhere near harsh enough for such a sin, the interviewer nods understandingly, for all the world as though it was a case of one rational adult talking to another, when they should be spluttering with incredulity - "and this is for...for naming a teddy bear? Are you completely out of your mind?"

So why is it that, just as you've managed to understand one social networking site, everyone moves off to the next one? Because , as all too few people remember, there are also diseconomies of scale. 

And finally , dread the coming of Comment Imperialism.