Blog Review 435


A debate in Australia over whether the State should be running schools at all. First point , would we invent public schools if we didn't already have them and secondly, don't public schools indoctrinate pupils?

The first answer is that yes, but what's wrong with a little indoctrination when it's the State doing it ? Netsmith can't help feeling that this needs a touch more logical rigour applied to it.

On the subject of schooling, it appears that in Scotland the lesson plans are actually a secret. It is not possible for a parent to find out what their own children are being taught

A pointer to how ludicrously large the US economy actually is

Amusingly, even the Committee on Standards in Public Life (such standards would, to paraphrase Gandhi, be a nice idea) is against the idea of State funding of political parties .

Iain Dale has the details of what looks like an excellent idea to spread a little Christmas cheer

And finally , don't anger the train spotters, you won't like them when they're angry.