Blog Review 438


As Guido points out , those donations from Mr. Abrahams should really be given, not back to Mr. Abrahams, but to the Treasury.

Yes, we know that government is infested with subsidy junkies: but did you know that the US now as 1,776 separate subsidy programs? 

It would be interesting if those who bleat so loudly about inequality would read this new paper . It would appear that it's a great deal lower than it could be and that by at least one measure it's a great deal less than it was.  

An extremely useful and important distinction to make. When referring to the NHS or the education system, we shouldn't regard them as public services, rather as nationalised industries. 

An excellent defense of Mills and Boon novels around the time of their 100 th anniversary. Julie Bindel, not for the first time, seems rather to have missed the point.

It would appear that it's not only our own government that has problems with IT security

And finally , yes, they've actually gone bonkers. Seriously, a House of Lords proposal that thick cut sliced bread should not be allowed.