Blog Review 441


As ever, the problem with making sophisticated economic arguments. Do politicians agree with your subtlety, understand the nuances, or are they simply appropriating your logic to do the wrong thing?

So what do actual climate scientists think of the Bali Declaration? Something of a curate's egg it appears. 

Who actually is it that homeschools their children

Guido seems to have all of the important news today about Mr. Abrahams

This idea of paying councillors when they're voted out of office . Wouldn't this simply be rewarding failure, something so decried when it happens in business? 

A nice three word movie review: although one which, to be honest, could be written without actually having seen the movie in question. 

And finally , aren't MPs supposed to drool over present constituents, rather than potential future ones? Or is this legitimate development of the papparazzi industry?