Blog Review 442


We come again to that old and most important question. Are violent video games (and thus such things as pornography) complements or substitutes? Increasingly it is becoming clear that they are substitutes. So far from banning such things through the legal system we should be subsidizing them through the tax one: to reduce the incidence of real world violence and sexual attacks.

Guido's right , we'd hope this would get a little more attention: the Labour Party guilty of racial discrimination? 

Tim Worstall 's still banging on about Greg Clark's book, "A Farewell to Alms". Lamarck rather than Darwin he says. 

Even left-wing MPs get the right idea sometimes. Harry Cohen has realised that some form of legalisation of drugs is better than the current unholy mess of the war upon them. It's Ian Duncan Smith we have to convince now....

There's rather more convincing necessary with The Observer and water: markets solve the allocation problems of scarce resources but they prefer to ignore that. 

A parlour game for all the family: which dictators could actually win a free and fair election? 

And finally , Ronald Reagan and Soviet jokes: he actually had State Department officials feeding real ones from the streets of Moscow back to him.