Blog Review 443


These public lists of sex offenders . It's always been pretty obvious that things like this will happen, hasn't it?

Note to Guardianistas : this is how you deal with inequality. 

Some both useful and accurate estimates of the costs and benefits of legalising ecstacy. It's not just this freedom and liberty lark, it's that we'd be better off.

Giudo continues to follow the Sith Smith Institute story. Just what was Ed Balls being paid so much money to do?

The latest American move on climate change . We'll change the law so as to insist on the physically impossible say distinguished Solons. 

Jimmy Carter doesn't seem to have spent the 27 years since he left office reading up on economics. Pity really , as he appeared a little under-educated in the subject way back then.

And finally , quite possibly the most stupid question of the year and a better one asking the meaning of profit