Blog Review 444


This is rather a grenade being thrown into the crowded climate change room. Climate change isn't happening at all! (Just to note, Netsmith himself is dubious of many of the plans put forward to combat the problem, but not quite this dubious that the problem doesn't exist.)

For example , taxing the externalities of children seems a little over the top (although taxing those who don't keep the little darlin's quiet has its temptations). 

The latest theory about the sub-prime mess gets blown out of the water before it has a chance to spread, thankfully

This piece of lunacy (quite literally lunatic) will fortunately garner a great deal less support in the first place. 

More interestingly lunatic ideas: the supermarkets have just been fined fo conspiring to raise the prices they pay to their suppliers. So, umm, what is the difference between what they were doing and Fair Trade

The entire fund management industry destroyed in one blog post

And finally , this is colloquially known as taking the piss.