Blog Review 445


Yes, I was rather surprised , someone sensible praising a Johann Hari article. Fortunately, reconsideration and thus good sense prevails in the comments.

Wat Tyler with another explanation of why we don't want Government spending our money. This time it's the Thames Gateway plans, but the reason is the same, they're simply not very good at getting anything for the spending. 

More tax news from the US : it's a surprisingly progressive tax system they have, much more so than many assume.

Perhaps a little Panglossian but war is set to be eradicated by liberal capitalism? 

Greg Mankiw laid out what he sees as the areas of disagreement between left and right in economics. Here's the Austrian counter

Dan Hannan and EU Referendum on the events in the European Parliament yesterday. At least one person's private film of the episode was attempted to be confiscated: apparently dissention cannot be shown publically.

And finally , this is a very British indeed manner of showing displeasure with Johnny Foreigner.