Blog Review 449


Noting a truth about computer games like Sim City and Civilization. If you run your society as a high tax, high regulation one, it doesn't actually work.

A thought: was Mother Theresa greedy? Insatiably so? Yes, indeed she was and a good thing too.  

Bill Clinton is now claiming that Hillary aided the Northern Ireland peace process. Given that everything was done to make sure the moderates lost, this is a recommendation? 

(Sweary alert). If the alternative to climate change is eternal bondage to the State Carbon Police , well, which should we choose? 

George Monbiot's piece this morning is refuted here by another from the left. If carbon trading there is going to be of course it should be international. 

The perils of machine translation . Some way to go yet.

And finally, 80s pop music clearly suffered from an absence of the rock n'roll spirit and three more here and they could remake Rawlinson End.