Blog Review 450


So, This Reform Treaty: do you know how they made it shorter than the original Constitution? They, err, changed the font size and the line spacing. The "mini-treaty" is actually 15% longer by words .

On the subject of laws, one MP admits that he cannot possibly read everything passed by Parliament. The solution, as we all know, is that Parliament should be passing fewer such. 

And just think how little they could do if they passed a truly flat tax : 1.8% of income, like one canton in Switzerland. 

For as we're becoming increasingly aware , it's not how much money is spent but how the money is spent that gets what we actually want, results. 

When is it price gouging, when simply a sensible response to supply and demand? Perhaps when it violates social norms

Well, quite, if you've got a problem, do what you need to solve that problem , not upend the entire system of contract. 

And finally, an economic conundrum and Microsoft's new new operating system.