Blog Review 452


Economic principles being independently (re-) discovered, a la Matthew Parris this morning. Here it's the point that it isn't so much technology, nor innovation, which drives the whole system forward, it's the application of innovations and technologies.

The US Energy Bill is described as "A moment of idiocy, of real idiocy ". As the European Union suggestions reported today are very similar, perhaps we should use the same desscription? 

More climate change. A video from TED about geoengineering . Yes, we know it works, so why don't we try it out? 

The new rules on mobile phones and driving are really rather less than they seem

Stuck in the office this week with no work to do? A timewasting game for you. 

Tsk, tsk, welching on a bet really isn't on. Doesn't everyone know that a capitalist economy depends upon trust? 

And finally , infinite recursion, or how Windows may destroy the Universe.