Blog Review 455


Sadly, we in the UK are going this way too, reversing the burden of proof. It's not big, it's not clever and it doesn't advance freedom or liberty in any manner whatsoever. If the Government wants to take your property they should at least have the decency to convict you of something first.

Prohibiting alcohol, prohibiting drugs, prohibiting paid sex: it all leads to the same thing : merely a change in the channels of distribution as was known a century ago but I guess it takes time for politicians to catch up.

Just why are people trying to increase voter turnout? It's far too high already!

One of those justifications for the pub smoking ban: that non-smokers would flock back to the pubs. Well, that seems to have worked, doesn't it

Now this is what you might call high-tech crime fighting

Markets in everything. Finding it difficult to grind out the blog posts over the holidays? Try Blog Sitter

And finally , vital information for that last minute shopping, or for the January sales. Which food halls offer the most samples?