Blog Review 456


One big question is what will happen to living standards with $500 a barrel oil? We're going to get there eventually, after all. Well, the answer appears to be not a lot .

Why is it that people complain that the US is doing nothing about curbing emissions when in fact they are curbing emissions better than those who have made more extravagant promises ?

Counter-intuitive but true : you reduce emissions more by moving from a 15 mpg to 18 mpg vehicle than you do from a 50 mpg to a 100 mpg one. The implication of this is that instead of trying to improve the emissions of the new cars sold, the effort would be better rewarded by subsidising the removal of old clunkers from the road.

Those ID cards might be an even worse idea than we already think. One American system costs $2,800 per card

Yes, exactly, we should be delighted when politicians debate such subjects : it'll stop them coming up with ideas like ID cards, at least. 

Imagine Ron Paul is in fact elected: what exactly could he do? Not a lot, actually .

And finally , who knows the difference between a Hackney Cab and a pedicab? Not Transport for London, that's for sure.