Blog Review 461


Is it better to read a dead tree magazine? Or the online version? Chris Anderson thinks it's the paper version. Martin Stabe begs to disagree (sometimes).

More on the Danes and their tax rates and emigration. It's the English language that is doing some of the damage.

Even more: there's only one country that has tax laws which make such escapes impossible

A tawdry tale of what happens to the money extorted from us. 

As is increasingly happening, the arguments of Paul Krugman the columnist are refuted by those of Paul Krugman the economist. 

For those still unsure exactly what a CDO is (or why they've become a problem) here's the explanation. In short, too much of a good thing. 

And finally , a new political lexicon (the less polite description is the explanation of how politicians are lying to us: whether they are or not is of course not at issue).