Blog Review 468


We'd just like to point out that you are currently reading Britain's number 1 economics blog. (Yes yes yes, it's a tendentious measurement method, not very accurate and we don't always talk about economics. But we're still number 1! Hurrah!)

On a much sadder note, Andrew Olmstead, an American blogger and US Army Major, was killed in Iraq. He left a blog to be posted read it.

Greenpeace were for biofuels before they were against them . Indeed, we could say that we're spending fortunes on biofuels because Greenpeace were for them before the scientists started pointing out they should be against them.

Shades of the European Union here, who famously pay Friends of the Earth to lobby the European Union. The expansion of big government is driven at least in part by the government funding of lobbyists whose job is to campaign for more government spending.  

And Dizzy has another update on where all that money being spent goes: try not to wince as you read it. 

Some seem to think that Adam Smith and John Nash were on opposite sides of the question. Not so.

And finally , the loneliest Lenin in the world.