Blog Review 471


We're constantly being told that reducing CO2 emissions would be a form of insurance against global warming. This, unfortunately, rather misunderstands the concept of insurance. True insurance would be investigating geo-engineering.

Another report (this time the US Treasury) confirming the fact that the workers bear the brunt of the corporate income tax. Time to abolish it, don't you agree? 

Jim Callaghan never actually said it anyway, but perhaps the correct reaction to the sub-prime problems is "Crisis, what crisis?". 

Understanding the Jeremy Clarkson bank account furore: it really isn't what you're reading in the newspapers.

One simple and obvious method of reforming the welfare system. Pity no one will ever try it. 

So just why are American newspapers losing readers? Might it be because they don't offer what their putative customers want? (Heaven forfend that it might be because they think journalism is a profession rather than a craft.) 

And finally, Bill Gates' last day at the office and freedom and liberty are built on gay hobbit porn.