Blog Review 472


This idea of training Ministers won't work: it ignores incentives and the economics of structure.

Another way of looking at things. If fuel poverty is when more than 10%of income is spent on fuel, then are we all tax poor because we spend more than 10% of our incomes on tax? 

Perhaps we should ask the same question of Gordon Brown here. Which of his Cabinet should have got a 5 year jail sentence for smoking pot? If none, why should the drug be reclassified? 

Looking at the news that people actually read , rather than what they are presumed to want to read, or ought to read, leads to the conclusion that William Boot should have been working for The Daily Bestiality.   

Things are still grim up north. 

Things are not all they seem in the arguments about the UK, trade and the EU. Well, OK, we knew that, but wouldn't it be interesting if a Minister were actually to use the proper facts?

And finally, the only sporran of its type in the world.