Blog Review 474


Yes, this idea of extra education vouchers for disadvantaged pupils sounds sensible. But shouldn't we simply have vouchers for all pupils as well?

It might actually be true that the gender gap is caused by capitalism. Richer countries show greater sex differences in personality traits than poor ones. And we all know that only capitalism creates wealth... 

So just what is the appropriate amount of outsourcing to do, the right amount of insourcing? Ronald Coase had the answer and here's a good precis for those who don't want to read the original. 

Wondrous! Passing a law that insists that business must do what another law makes it illegal for them to do. 

Absolutely so! Adam Smith's writings and suggestions were a great deal more subtle than the cardboard cutout presented by his detractors.

At present this is still a little uncertain looks like ID cards will be a European Union competence, not a Westminster one (ie, they decide whether we get them, not us). 

And finally, how The Guardian Leader columns are written and Wikipedia's lamest edit wars.