Blog Review 476


As has been noted , Paul Krugman has successfully predicted eight out of the last none recesssions. To be fair (as we must) he made his reputation as a trade economist, not a macro one.

A new centre right blog arrives. Multiple authors, many of whom you will have heard of...(/snark)...and looking at it those you haven't as yet are well worth reading too. 

There are those really not all that sure about the automatic opt in for organ donations. Really not sure at all.

Yet another engineering/high tech project vastly exceeds its budget and no, this time it's not the UK Government responsible. Unfortunately, it's the European Union this time, so we still get to pay for it. 

Bring on that global warming! It'll save lives (as Bjorn Lomborg has repeatedly pointed out). 

For a change, ecclesiastical blogging. Really rather like political blogging except perhaps more habitual.

And finally, a summation of the differences between China and India and, well, it is Government work