Blog Review 484


Government is inefficient, that we know. But just be thankful that you're not getting all of the government you're paying for.

On the subject of government, we now seem to have reached the age of the airbrushing of speeches. Can't have politicians making themselves look stupid now, can we?

Sometimes the stupidity cannot be hidden though. The effects of making sex illegal to buy in Sweden and of making it legal to sell in New Zealand. Which has the better outcome? And which is the UK Government proposing?  

Apparently most teachers agree with Tim Worstall of this parish. The educating to educate business is a waste of time. 

This giving software away for free idea: apparently it creates as much value per worker as Goldman Sachs does. 

The new Index on Censorship site: yes, freedom and liberty need to be protected with vigilance. 

And finally, more government. This is the UN's International Year of the Potato.