Blog Review 485


So, if you, as an employer, created an easy to read (even amusing) handbook on how everyone should behave in the worldplace (Rule 1: use your best judgement, Rule 2: see Rule 1), what do you think would happen next? Correct, you would expect to get sued, wouldn't you?

Four myths about the US stock market refuted.

50 things learnt in 50 years on the planet (Netsmith liked the idea that you don't argue with policemen but you can fight City Hall.)

Hillary Clinton v. Milton Friedman. Not all that difficult to see who was the liberal. 

A quick note on how TV journalism works and another on how politics does. 

Explaining the achievement gap in the US: blacks (are we supposed to say African- Americans still or has the style changed again?) are caught in a socialist economy and if they were brought into the capitalist one that whites inhabit the gap would reduce and or disappear. 

And finally, inflation is everywhere, even in Rambo films. And look! A graph