Blog Review 488


Could Guido really be a Tory in disguise? No is the answer, rather, an artful user of ill-protected computer systems. Further, Private Eye has for decades had a phrase to describe this problem. "New technology baffles pissed old hack" although Netsmith would like to point out that he possess absolutely no knowledge whatsoever of the unitary alcohol intake of Mr. Kirkup: nor, indeed, of his age.

Just in case you think it's only our own domestic politicians that place inane curbs on liberty. It might even be that the Martini (or even vermouth itself, port and so on) are illegal under the same law. 

It's very difficult to find a word that describes this better than extortion.

More on those unintended consequences. Expanding the guarantees given to part of the US mortgage market could make all mortgages more expensive. 

Explaining changes in income inequality. 

Could it be that certain BBC journalists are a tad baised? Or is it simply that they're not all that well informed? 

And finally, yes, incentives matter.