Blog Review 493


Just who is paying whom and for what? Giudo finds a journalist defending Ken Livingstone who had worked on a writing project that Ken Livingstone disbursed the taxpayer's money for. As, Netsmith recalls, did Polly T get £7,000 for such a project.

It really does seem that no one has thought this ID card idea through as yet. Some will have to pay £ thousands to travel just to get their barcodes. 

On which subject, the Freedom of Information Act seems to obscure more than it reveals. 

Danny Finkelstein really doesn't get the modern order. Yes, of course it's only left whingers who are allowed to have insights. Tsk, it's obvious, isn't it?

EU news: The EU Parliament won't have to worry about pesky journalists for much longer, they're going to report on themselves. Futher, yes, they did vote to ban patio heaters today. 

Someone's found a new mapping tool. Here, changes in the distribution of the world population. 

And finally, just what would Hugo Chavez' Facebook page look like?