Blog Review 494


Yes, the Revenue's online tax filing system fell over on the last day of the year you could file your tax returns. Try here if you'd like to know why.

Contrary to the statements and assumptions of many, more money does indeed make you happier.

Some very odd statistics from the police. Most odd indeed. 

One possible solution to the problem of unruly classrooms: set them up as an internal capitalist economy. Whether we'd be able to find enough teachers in the UK capable of running a non-inflationary central bank is another matter...the evidence of the macro economy isn't encouraging.

Very long and very geeky: the Director of the CBO sets out what are, and more importantly are not, the problems with US health care. For example, obesity has not been one of the problems. 

A list of what ought to be at the forefront of everbody's minds when designing a tax system: followed by what is at the forefront of politicians' minds when they do so. There's a slight difference of emphasis.

And finally, wisdom from a wife.