Blog Review 495


So why do so many nations insit upon having an integrated steel works? Could it be the same reason we Brits started using iron?

As so often, Frank Field speaks great good sense. 

Tsk: once again the media is allowing the petticoats, the artifice, to show.

A possible reason why the reading of literature is in decline: the way that students are taught to read literature. 

It would appear that at least one part of the climate change scare story is incorrect, the possible slowing or ceasing of the thermo-haline circulation. Far from doing that, increased temperatures should strengthen it. 

Yes, really, in some places you need an auctioneers' licence to sell things on e-Bay. For the good of the consumer, of course, although there's more than a suspicion that the professional auctioneers have something to do with it. 

And finally, a selection of most excellent advertisements.