Blog Review 496


An interesting point : that £73 billion cost of decommissioning the extant nuclear plants: more than half is from Calder Hall. Not only is that a sunk cost (and thus makes no difference to decisions about the future) it's also something that we're never going to build again. So, again, not something that should weigh upon decisions about future actions.

On the energy front, putting Exxon's profits in perspective. The tax collected upon them is equal to the income tax from an entire 50% of the US population.

Not a bad little political and blogging manifesto from Guido. 

Yet another reason to free schools from centralised control: when they were so free silly pedagogical methods could not be imposed from the centre. 

After the purely local matters, a very interesting idea posited: the US railways are run mainly for freight, the European ones mainly for people. Who has the matter the right way around? 

Indeed, we are truly in an age of unparalleled plenty when people use their leisure time to build leisure saving devices. 

And finally, the campaign against cheap chickens has increased the sales of cheap chickens and while it took a few years, Fraser gets the joke