Blog Review 499


Yes, it's true. Fat people and smokers save the government and the health care system money. So can we please go back to doing as we wish, not as we're told? And further, snarl at those who lie to us on this point?

More on 'elf'n'safety. Of course, it's vitally important that the are regulations about workplace safety, fines for breaching them and inspectors to enforce? Yes? Well, such are entirely dwarfed by the effects of the extra wages employers pay to workers for risky activities. The incentives are already there.

If only Bastiat were alive now. No, really: the candlemakers are calling for trade protection. 

Disturbing evidence that there really might be people to dumb to be allowed to vote. 

This compulsory education idea might be worse than previously thought. Much vocational training actually has a negative return. 

Something for our cartophile (?) audience. Another fascinating map site.

And finally, proof that intelligence is not a requirement to be a BBC newsreader.