Blog Review 500


As Netsmith hits the half thousand of these little reviews (demi-mille perhaps?) we get perfect proof of one of his pet theories. You really can't trust politicians to do as they say they will. Trixy is in court today and heard the Prime Minister's barrister say:

...manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation...

Dizzy, Iain Dale, Guido... sadly, Mr. Eugenides points out that the lawyer is actually correct. But as we know, the law can be an ass. know something's gone wrong with politics when... (1) you tell a court "I'm a liar and my promises cannot be relied on", and (2) that's your defence...

And now for something completely different: where would we be without Nail in Bodies stories? 

A point that we like to make around here, "creating jobs" is not a benefit of environmental greenery: it's a cost. 

We at the ASI are, so far as we know, the only UK think tank who support the legalisation of all drugs. Which is why we like this. Tell 'em like it is Willem! 

A decent guide to the British political system. The only thing it doesn't explain is how we ended up with items one and four above.  

An excellent (and Netsmith does indeed mean excellent) piece on why we don't run out of things. Unless you understand the concepts here you'll continue to get taken in by those screaming that we're about to run out of resources: as we have been since the great flint shortage of 8,000 BC which led to the Bronze Age.

And finally , the military does seem to have changed a bit over the past century.