Blog Review 505


Now this is a campaign that Netsmith can get behind. Let's award the Nobel Peace Prize to WalMart (perhaps jointly with Tesco's?). They've done more to increase human wealth and happiness than most, after all....

A contentious statement: it's a howling error to say that people must be paid what they're worth. (Contentious but true.) 

Although it is of course a grievous error to pay people more than they are worth. 

Unfortunately this method of beating the smoking ban isn't available in England, inventive though it is.  

We like the new economics foundation, no, really, we do. A glorious example of how not to do things.

A book recommendation from a trusted source. A "wicked post-communist satire".

And finally, if you're going to use gears in your promotional material, it might be worth using a graphic designer who knows how gears work.