Blog Review 506


A nice explanation of a common misunderstanding here. Government isn't the solution, government is the problem.

As Paracelsus pointed out, the poison is the dose: and as we really need to remember now, the effects of doses are not linear.

A lesson from the US for our own dear Chancellor: high taxes redistribute people, not incomes. 

And yes, knowledge of the English language can be useful in describing those so redistributed. 

What is the probability that the only two ever occurences of sliced jugulars (those skates are sharp!) in ice hockey games occured in the same city? Netsmith will cheat and say 1, as it's already happened.

Netsmith wonders whether the Germans are going to get Bastiat's sense of humour? Interesting translation project though. 

And finally, Netsmith is corrected. The logo linked to yesterday now makes perfect sense