Blog Review 510


The big blogging news this weekend is the beginning and near immediate end of Max Grogarty's blogging career at The Guardian. The original piece (and the comments can be both exceedingly harsh and most amusing) the editor's responseClive Davis, Rafael Behr (and again). Yes, contacts matter, even at The Guardian, which so decrys the old boy network in other areas of life.

Rather to Netsmith's surprise (did they ever solve that one about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin?) philosophy has answered some questions.

As ever, good economics doesn't seem to mix well with politics. The economically sensible thing to do about climate change doesn't seem to interest the politicians. 

So just how tough is it to get ahead in the US if you are destitute? Surprisingly easy it seems. 

Adam Smith proved right once again. Peace, easy taxes and a tolerable administration of justice really are the secrets to growth. 

Netsmith could (perhaps rightly) be criticised for obsessing over the European Union. But the licencing of journalists, who is one and who is not, being decided by the EU, well, is it obsessive to be concerned by that? Or the language used here

And finally, perhaps the lawyers are making too much here?