Blog Review 511


Ah, that's what that thing about Berwick becoming part of Scotland is all about. Who gets the offshore oil and gas depends upon which way the border is pointing when it hits the shoreline...

The economics of supermarkets explained. Why would we have so many of them if we didn't actually prefer shopping in them? 

The influence of blogs upon politics may be more indirect than many think. Did the stick that Iain Dale got for standing by his friend, Derek Conway, influence Cameron's decision about the matter? 

With all this talk of rational behaviour in the new economics books: is the Stockholm Syndrome such rational behaviour?

Sad that this continually has to be done but here it is. Another go at expaining the nuclear numbers.

A very useful guide to the UK tax system. 

And finally, a politician talking good sense. The logic of running as a candidate to go to Washington given such a view seems a little off though.