Blog Review 512


As Guido points out, the nationalisation of Northern Rock means that the government will be making someone homeless by repossession on a defaulting mortgage at the same time that the government has a duty to house said people. And this might be the first such person.

On sub-prime, an opportunity for some experiments. Given that each of the 50 States have different rules abour foreclosures etc, we can study over the coming months which set of said rules work best. 

Education vouchers: they benefit not just the children that leave failing schoiols, but those that stay in such failing schools as well. 

Some of those global warming numbers are starting to look decidedly iffy.

The comparisons economists make: leaving your wife is just like having a colonoscopy. 

Discussing MEPs' expenses. All done behind closed doors, of course. 

And finally, harsh but fair.