Blog Review 514


Much is being said about the Granite securitisation and Northern Rock. Here's something actually sensible on the subject. And here's the FT taking that something sensible and expanding upon it.

Something else deeply unsensible: how can you write an entire chapter of a book on inflation without mentioning the two words "money supply"? 

Yet more: moves afoot to harmonise EU taxation: the apparent logic is that having tax competition will, umm, allow people to compete. 

Answering George Monbiot's accusations. If only George understood the subjects he was writing about... 

The Precautionary Principle is often likened to Pascal's Wager: here's why it isn't. 

Ever wondered why the amount ripped from you untimely in taxation only ever goes upwards? Because you're usually paying through the tax system for people who lobby for higher taxation. 

And finally, where all the education tax goes.