Blog Review 518


Correcting the statistics behind the current hysteria over the costs to the nation of drinking. Things really are not as we're being led to believe.

The BMA is not being entirely consistent either. But then there's always been some amusement in the idea of an anti-alcohol campaign being run by ex-medical students.

Caculating the benefits or not of a basic income system. More work needed but this is a start. 

Harriet Harman shows that an expensive education may take you a long way: but it won't necessarily educate you. 

An economist visits Cuba. More exploration of the place.  

Paying £1 million on a 50 p accumulator? It's a rip off! Should be £1,000,000.14 at least! 

And finally, yes, this is the Irish entry to Eurovision. Stay tuned to see if our Continental friends have a sense of humour.