Blog Review 524


If you're suffering from a slow Sunday afternoon you might enjoy these videos of the late, great, Julian Simon. He'll put you straight on the greenies favourite obsessions, no, we're not running out of resources, we create them.

On the subject of creating resources by innovation, a marketplace where you can buy and sell innovation. An extremely interesting idea: if you've got a problem you want solved, you can offer a reward for it, if you've got some bright ideas, you can see whether anyone will pay for them.

Warren Buffett's simple (and correct) and forthright view of foreigners investing in the US. 

Who knew ? You really can have too much local government. 

You can have too much of any kind of government in fact. 

My word, this is a surprise. Shirley Williams is to blame again. 

And finally, if you even understand, let alone think having read it that it might be worth a listen, this description of a song you are almost certainly somewhat younger than this policy wonk.