Blog Review 528


According to The Guardian we actually have a real live sighting of Laffer Curve effects in the UK taxation system. Any bets on when they start to realise it can occur with every part of the tax system?

An argument against liberal paternalism. If we're too stupid to know the right thing to do on our own, how can we be clever enough to choose those to make said choices for us? 

Certainly, those running to rule us don't seem too bright at times. 

Interesting number. 90% of the world's oil is owned by national governments. Predictably, the amazing efficiency and transparency of this ownership method is leading to problems.

A macro-economic oddity: short term real interest rates in the US are now negative. Is this where we get Keynes' pushing on a piece of string?

More on that *secret* report on MEPs' expenses claims. *Secret*, because as we've been told, it's not really secret, just so confidential that no one is to be allowed to read and report on it.

And finally, to change the subject entirely, a new online journal of light verse.