Blog Review 532


What signs can tell you. For example, a place that has signs up asking that you not assault the staff must be assuming that there's something about the customer service which makes you likely to make said assault, doesn't it?

One reason that you see Laffer effects in the higher ranges of taxation. But will tobacco actually grow in the UK? 

Continuing the statistical analysis of MPs' expense claims. One employing more staff (or, ahem, one claiming more expenses for doing so) should be better at answering constituents' questions, shouldn't they? 

Quite, if reflexology actually worked, we'd all have terrible health problems from walking down the street. Or be cured of them all perhaps? 

The mockery that follows a particularly stupid piece of public sector advertising. 

That new deal on GPs' hours explained in detail. 

And finally, scamming the scammers. A glorious escapade with one of the 419'ers.