Blog Review 535


Do read this (newspaper, not blog) piece from David Mamet. How a liberal (American style) became a real liberal. And, as you might expect from a writer of such stature, it's beautifully written. The penultimate paragraph of this contains similar wisdom from Tom Stoppard.

Might being fined $1,000 for dying one's poodle pink be a decent example of Stoppard's point? 

More spotting of Laffer effects in the wild. Here and here. Even the Treasury seems to agree that the rise in spirits taxation of yesterday will have no effect upon revenues.

It's probably not wise to trust the Treasury estimates of future borrowing requirements. 

We don't know quite as much, empirically, about economics as we might hope.

The basic logical structure seems sound. Just how do we decide which things we really do need government to do? 

And finally, achieving excellence, finally learning how to play "Eruption".