Blog Review 536


Dr Rant has started asking exactly the right question: why do some believe that state delivery of services is superior?

And the Medical Student has a report on what the targets used to measure that delivery actually mean in practice. 

Further evidence of the near insane use to which at least part of the tax take is put. 

There's a possibility that Ed Balls was misquoted. But then in politics it doesn't matter what is said, only what is heard. So sad, couldn't happen to a nicer man. 

Have we reached "Peak Economics" yet?

Perhaps not: exploring the problems of transtemporal economics.

And finally, something for a slow friday afternoon. A (possibly controversial) list of the top 100 stand up comics along with links to clips. Sadly, very US biased, so no Kenn Dodd, Bob Monkhouse, Tommy Cooper, Roy Brown....well, there's a task for the weekend, eh?