Blog Review 538


Oh dear. It appears that the cryptographic protection on such cards as the Oyster has been cracked. Despite the likely losses to the transport network from the inevitable clones, perhaps something good might come of it? A realisation that there is no truly secure computer system and that thus the ID cards and the National Database will never work as advertised?

Anecdotal evidence that the other security monsterings that we are subject to are really not necessary. 

Do market systems encourage people to act honourably? Well, if Adam Smith was correct (ToMS, not WoN)  then yes, arguably so. 

Apparently at least one of the current Cabinet has read AA Milne.  

If music is to be paid for by a levy on all broadband, why would anyone bother to produce music that customers preferentially want to listen to? 

If we use the tax system to encourage the rich to move away, why aren't we using it to encourage the poor to move away as well? 

And finally, Brighton is an odd sort of place, isn't it?