Blog Review 540


If anyone should doubt the basic tenets of public choice theory (that politicians do what benefits politicians, not constituents) then this little story should put them straight.

On a related matter, the winners of the most expensive MPs awards, broken down by staff allowances, postage paid, travel and so on. 

This might not be the wisest of all decisions. Increasing the demands upon company cash flows at a time of tightening credit. 

As the composition of the medical workforce changes there are going to be inevitable changes in how medicine is practised. 

On marginal tax rates: 7% of the working population face 90% marginal rates. And no, it's not the rich either. 

It's one thing to insist that people should be allowed to buy insurance. It's quite another to insist that they shouldn't. 

And finally, yes, you really can get pizza delivered in orbit.