Blog Review 544


And now for the third and final installment of the video series on the Laffer Curve. Perhaps the most important insight is that we should not be scoring tax changes statically, but dynamically.

Beware of those comparisons between today and the Great Depression. Or an alternative description, bad regulation may well be worse than none.

A further bulletin from the campaign to get WalMart the Nobel Peace Prize. 

We may indeed not be at Peak Oil: it could just be excessive saving by oil producers. There's also cause to think that if the oil price starts to slip, that it will tumble. 

Many people have many ideas about what started the Industrial Rebolution. Could it have been something as simple as coffee houses?

These online databases: how can they be kept secure when so many people are being granted access to them? 

And finally, bad analogy of the day watch. Government is Mother and we are hormonal teenagers? Surely we are adults?