Blog Review 546


We prefer here to point you to the good and the interesting but just this once it'll to be the appalling, the near insane. Although, to be fair, it is also interesting in something of a car crash way. Possibly the worst misunderstanding of trade possible in recent times. Pleas, someone sit that man down with a copy of Ricardo.

A great deal more amusing: the perils of a hastily drawn up contract for a hastily drawn up deal. That one line might also go a long way to explaining this.

On British politics. Wouldn't it be interesting to know who is behind the Stop Boris website? 

The state of British journalism: not all that good perhaps. Not that American such is any better.

Another plank in the argument for localism.

More hopeless stupidity from the War on Drugs. 

And finally, well, it says it's to paint your own Jackson Pollock. But to Netsmith it's indistinguishable from any artist post about 1940. No doubt this says more about Netsmith's philistinism than anything else.