Blog Review 549


The Great Ban Darling Campaign is gathering momentum. The Telegraph, The Morning Advertiser (for those unaware, this is the publican's paper, so important in such a campaign), Guido, Guido again...please add further sightings in the comments.

Spending taxpayers' money on lawyers so that taxpayers can't find out how taxpayers' money is being spent. Perhaps not the wisest of decisions, Mr. Speaker? Possibly even a reason to resign?

Of rather more importance perhaps is the revival of the Abolition of Parliament Bill. This is getting like the EU, the same measures brought back under a different cover. SpyBlog with the details, Dale and Guido with reactions (and it's hard to find a British political blog today not outraged by this). 

Two from the US: more idiocy from the War on Drugs and an explanation of why it all happens. 

Sadly, things are no better than this in England. 

Can we get out Tax Freedom Day moved forwards to this date please? 

And finally, Mrs. Sarko arrives in Britain.