Blog Review 554


Apparently there are still one or two brave souls who are liberals on the subject of immigration.

A depressing look at the current emissions targets. For example, if the transport reductions are ten times more expensive than those from electricty and heating, wouldn't we do better to ignore the tranpsort reductions and spend the extra on the electricty and heating? 

Is Adam Smith of the left or the right ? Well, peraps the best answer is that given that he was writing before the fracture of the French Revolution which gave us our very concepts of right and left politically, possibly neither or both, but not one or the other. 

Those Sovereign Wealth Funds really might not be as wealthy as many think. 

How government really works: forms to detail your success at reducing form filling. 

Your guide to what the literati and glitterati really think of the London Mayoral election. 

And finally, l'internet est arrive and praising British judges