Blog Review 555


Indeed, enquiring minds want to know. As and when Gordon Brown announces that Cannabis will be upgraded again to a Class B drug, with 5 year potential sentences for simple possession, will those of his Cabinet who have admitted to "experimenting" (and not enjoying, giggle) be tried and jailed? And if not, why not?

That Lords report on immigration: another one who insists that it shows immigration to be justified on both utlitarian and liberal grounds. 

Some in the US insist that the blurring of the distinction between investment and commercial banking was behind the current little problems and that a solution would be to reinstate it (Glass-Steagal being the moniker). Oddly, the head of the French Central Bank, M. Noyer, thinks exactly the opposite: that universal banking as in Europe is why we have less to worry about. 

More bankinig: might be quite the right time to launch a new banking and payments system in the US? 

Yes, the Soil Association are contemplating indulging in a nasty little bout of protectionism. 

One of the more basic statistical tricks: claim that rising numbers needing food stamps shows how terrible things must be. But fail to correct for rising population.Tsk, almost as if there's an agenda or something.

And finally, 18 th century blogging and an Earth Hour well spent (NSFW).